Special Scalabrini items whatever the application

There is no market sector that has not asked Scalabrini to create special and innovative items, designed especially for tools, uses or special transportation needs. The best ideas came as the direct response to the demands of technicians and customers: working together during the design phase has resulted in the creation of many items that were even better than our customers imagined.
Here is a list of some of the ideas that Scalabrini has brought to life:

a durable and easily transported delivery bag for coffee pods;
easy to clean, insulated pizza delivery bags that are breathable yet waterproof;
a heavy duty padded bag for transporting art works;
holdall for an iron and a holdall for an ironing board with wheels;
accessories storage bag for ENEL field staff;;
padded insulated bags for transporting drugs designed for pharmaceutical companies;
customised carry bags for furs and apparel;
carry bag for sample collections of knitwear and lingerie;;
drum carry case, carry case for wheels and tyres;
drum carry case, carry case for wheels and tyres;
complete sets of tasteful holdalls for the items used by funeral directors…